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The Agents Association represents over 1,000 members across a twelve-state region.  


The Agents Association Foundation is a philanthropic organization established in 2018 and operated as a permanent source of funds for the betterment of The Agents Association’s members and to provide charitable giving as they see fit.

The foundation is committed to the betterment of The Agents Association’s members by providing funds for awards, educational endeavors, industry research, and charitable giving.

The foundation presents awards to TAA members who achieve professional designations in insurance and financial services. It also will pursue charitable giving opportunities as suggested by TAA members.

The foundation has an advisory board of trustees. This board’s responsibility is to follow the foundation’s mission.

We have seen the incredibly giving nature of Farm Bureau Financial Services agents in action. TAA Foundation provides donors with opportunities to build tax-advantaged endowment funds that grow and benefit TAA members, their communities, their industry, and a broad range of charitable interests.


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